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I am a UX researcher and technologist who uses mixed methods to design, build, and evaluate systems in the flavors of ubiquitous computing and computer supported cooperative work.

Although my work sits in many contexts—such as premature infants, autism, wellbeing, productivity, and education—it generally fits the theme of understanding the implications of using technology to track and encourage positive behavior.

In my dissertation, I explored strategies for assisting people through the process of cooking and learning to cook. I improved cooking outcomes for novices by building a device to visualize the smells that are produced during cooking. This enabled my participants to act on critical moments that may have been otherwise imperceptible to them.

I received my PhD in Information and Computer Sciences from the department of Informatics at the School of Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. I was advised by Gillian R. Hayes, worked in the STAR Group, and located in the LUCI lab.

For detailed information, see my CV (gdocs / pdf) or resume (gdocs / pdf).